Monday, July 18, 2011

Yellow and Gray Ruffle Bag

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of my yellow and gray ruffle zipper pouch. Here's a follow-up project in the same color family!
ruffled bag, up cycled from pants
I created this bag from the remains of a pair of pants (the pants I made into maternity shorts, tutorial parts I and II). The yellow ruffle is from a t-shirt (the same shirt from my ruffle scarf tutorial).

Here are the pieces I started with for the bag:

The only pieces I measured were for the bag; they are 11.5" wide x 13" tall. The lining is slightly shorter. I sewed the ruffle on before I sewed the bag together, then followed the same steps I specified in the tutorial for my "Cute Little Bag".

I did buttonholes instead of velcro because I currently have NO velcro in my house. I confess, I don't actually know HOW to do button holes. I use the button hole foot and hope for the best. They turned out well, but completely off-center. So I decided to place the buttons on the inside of the bag to hide my mistake of off-centered button holes.

I really love how it turned out. If only I'd used interfacing! If I'd known it was going to turn out well, I would have purchased some (I have none!)
ruffled bag, up cycled from pants
No velcro, no interfacing....If you can't tell, I'm in need of a trip to the sewing store!

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