Monday, December 17, 2012

Zippered Pouches: Using a New Pattern

The school shooting last week was awful. I can't imagine how the families living in the small town in CT are grieving right now. One of my young cousins lost a good friend to cancer last week. He was 13 and had been sick for two years. Sometimes I can't understand why these bad things happen. My husband reads about theology a lot. Both of us believe that God is good, regardless of the evil in the world. As we were talking yesterday, he said a book he's reading now says that since we have free will, there will be evil in the world.

I hope that you have the love of Christ in your heart. That you have the hope of eternal life with Jesus. I couldn't face life's sometimes extreme hills and valleys without placing my eyes on Him and remembering that we live in a fallen world. I am thankful that we can choose to love despite what others may do or say to us.

And sometimes there's just nothing to say that could make the situation better.

My sewing room has been like a zippered pouch factory lately. 

I used this pattern for a few of these cute zippered pouch. I added some scraps, buttons & and ric rac on the front. I made this yellow one (pictured below) for my brother's girlfriend. I used this tutorial for the extra long zipper which helps the pouch open wider. 

This pouch was made as a custom order using the zipper pouch tutorial posted here.  I was asked to make a "patriotic" cosmetic case. I couldn't find any patriotic fabric I liked, so I made my own with a stencil and fabric paint. The ribbon zipper tab is removable. 

I had a tiny 4.5" zipper I took from a pair of pants. I had small scraps of fabric left from these placemats, so I made a little coin purse. 

As you can see, I've got lots of Christmas gifts ready to go!


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