Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fire Truck Christmas Ornament: Tutorial & Pattern

fire truck christmas ornament pattern
If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you know that my three year-old son loves fire trucks. I decided we’d better have some fire trucks on our Christmas tree this year.
fire truck ornament (15)
So I cut up some felt scraps and sewed them into some trucks. Don't worry, I traced them before I sewed them together to share with you. Here’s the pattern link.  It’s a very rough sketch, but it’s just a Christmas ornament. You get the idea.

Cut the pieces from felt. You will need two more pieces of any color felt that are larger than the main truck piece. I’ll show you what to do with those in just a bit. You’ll need a short a ribbon or piece of twine for the hanger, too. fire truck ornament (18)
Start by pinning all the pieces (except the windshield) to one of the extra pieces of felt. You’ll be sewing them to this ‘base’ piece of felt. fire truck ornament (19)
Suggested order of sewing:
  • Sew each wheel on.
  • Sew the flat part of the headlight.
  • Sew the flat part of the top light.
  • Sew around the ladder rungs.
fire truck ornament (20)
You can see from the picture below that  I didn’t exactly follow my own advice. But I ended up sewed some seams more than once.
fire truck ornament (22)
Next, Place the second large felt piece on the back. Stitch around the entire perimeter of the truck, including the edges of the lights and wheels.
I don’t have a picture to show that. But you get the idea! Now just trim the edges of felt away and you’re all done! Easy.
fire truck ornament (15)
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  1. My boys would love this! What a cute idea.

    1. Thanks! Glad we're not the only fire truck enthusiasts in the world:)

  2. really cute! thanks for sharing the how-to

  3. So cute!!

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  4. Really cute idea! I'm going to save this to do next year. I think my son will be just at the right age for it!

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  9. This is a really great tutorial! I love how this truck turned out and thanks so much for sharing the pattern with us and at Hookin On Hump Day!

  10. I really did like this - and here's proof! You're being featured at Hookin On Hump Day this week!

  11. When I try to open the pattern a get a Google error. Can you open it?

    1. I am able to open it. Tray again and then email me and I'll email you a copy (the file is on my other computer, we have printer/scanner issues at this house and only the ancient desktop can be scanned to!)

      monkeyseemail(at)gmail (dot)com


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