Friday, May 3, 2013

A few things.

Hi friends. Just wanted to share a few things with you from my week.

1. This past weekend, we worked on staining our barn. It’s a big job, we did not finish, but I also stained our sandbox. Last year, I shared how my dad made a great cover for it that folds into seats. We didn’t bother to stain the cover/benches to match and it was bothering me. So I finally got around to doing that this weekend. Yay!
sandbox with lid that turns into benches

2. I got some exciting new fabric!
new chevron fabrics

3. And I was so excited about the fabric that I decided to make some more bags. I had so many orders for these bags that I stopped making them for awhile in favor of making other things. But a friend wanted to order one…then another friend, and so I figured I’d make some. And I had ended up selling the one I made myself, so I wanted to make one for me. This is the pile of fabric I cut the other day to make more.
fabric cut

4. I made my child an indoor sandbox. I’m hoping we don’t regret this. I figure we can take it places (outdoors) this summer. A few weeks ago a MOPS friend shared this idea and the very next day, we were visiting a retirement home and my children found a pot of dirt and made a huge mess. So I decided we needed a portable sandbox.
indoor/outdoor portable sandbox

5. A few weeks ago, my husband installed a cord keeper below my desk/command center.
I love it! It’s just an old wire basket held up with cup hooks, but it keeps all the cords neatly out of sight and out of the way. I had been using a basket to hold them. This is far more effective! cord keeper solution

It may not look like an amazing organization technique due to the cords still looking out of control, but the whole mess is hidden!
cord keeper solution

What have you been working on this week?

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