Monday, July 22, 2013

15-Minute Headband

15 minute headband title

Do you ever want a project you can just make really fast? Or maybe you need to make a quick gift for a friend. Today.

This is a project that is fast. Plus, it uses scraps.
Recognize the fabric from some of the pleated chevron bags I've made? There's still a few available for sale in my Etsy shop!)

15 minute headband (15)

Follow along to see how to sew some super fast, super cute headbands.

First, you’ll need the head circumference of whoever the headband is for. It has elastic, so no problem if you’re just estimating. I measured my head and it is 22”. Since I wanted it to stretch to fit, I cut 18” x 2.5” of fabric and 4” of elastic. (No seam allowance. I figured that would make it stretch. And it does.)

15 minute headband (2)

Next, fold the fabric in half length-wise (right sides together) and stitch 1/4” from the edge.

15 minute headband (3)

To turn the tube of fabric, attach a safety pin to one end.
15 minute headband (4)

Feed the safety pin back through the fabric. 15 minute headband (5)

Pull the safety pin end the whole way through the fabric. This will turn the fabric all the way right side out.
15 minute headband (6)

Remove the safety pin. Position the seam so you can press it flat (it will be on the back of the headband so you can’t see it).
  15 minute headband (7)

Press it flat
15 minute headband (9)

Press the front, too.
15 minute headband (8)

Turn the raw edges under a tiny bit. Press them into place.
15 minute headband (10)

Slide one end of the elastic into the folded-over edges of the tube.
15 minute headband (11)

Stitch it into place. I stitch in a rectangle. Repeat for the other side of the elastic.  Done!
15 minute headband (12)

15 minute headband (1)

Try it on!

See how many you end up making during your child’s next nap.


  1. Those are really cute and a great way to use scraps ... I really need to make some for my girls! Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}.

  2. Awesome quick and easy project. PINNING! THanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great idea, it would make a fabulous stocking stuffer at Christmas time. You could make up a coordinating set of three or six and add them to a gift, too!


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