Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Transform a T-Shirt into a Shrug

I saw this idea on a blog I often read and really love! The idea was to take a t-shirt and turn it into a shrug. I love new clothes, but I don't like to spend much money, so this seemed like a great idea! I modified a few things (the shrug was for a little girl, had ruffles, required hemming of the ruffles and I don't like to hem, especially jersey material!)
It actually turned out pretty well! Sometimes my sewing projects don't work out, but I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt this time! I may make some more of these!
I still need to top stitch all around it, but I didn't have the right color of thread today and wanted to post it anyway. Cut the shirt off below the armpits. I left about 5".
Then cut the bottom part of the shirt into strips. I made my strips 2" wide. The key is to end up with enough strip length to go all along the edge of the shrug. I had way too much and wished I would've made the strips wider.
Cut down the front of the shirt and cut the neck off.
I pressed the strips in half, pinning as I pressed. This enabled me to NOT have to hem the edges!

I zig-zagged the edges of the pressed strip. Then, I pinned the strips to the edge of the shrug.

I sewed the strip to the edge of the shrug. I used a "regular" stitch.

Then, I pressed the new edge out (looks like I should've gone ahead and pressed the whole shirt!) I want to top stitch the hem down, but I'd like to use a 'funner' color than white thread. Maybe pink?? I love pink and brown!

Here are some pictures of me modeling the (mostly) finished shrug! I took them in the bathroom for better lighting...

I may actually be able to wear this in public! That has never happened with any of my other sewing projects! This took me a few days to finish and I think that taking my time on it helped make it successful!


  1. Awww, it turned out perfectly. I still have my shrug sitting here, waiting to be you were quicker than I was!! :) But I love your straight edged version. Very clean and cute!

    Thanks for the link....


  2. Thanks for the visit & comment, Ashley!


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