Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shower Cleaning Tips

Our shower accumulates a lot of soap scum. I have managed to keep the bottom pretty clean, but the sides have needed some TLC for a while now. I tried something new today!

Take some Borax (sold as '20 Mule Team Borax' for less than $3 at Target) and sprinkle it on the surface of your shower. Scrub with a scrub brush and the soap scum comes off easily. Borax rinses without leaving residue, so it is great for this purpose!

Try Murphy's Oil Soap on the sides and hardware of the shower. I wouldn't use it on the bottom because it will probably make it slippery. (Don't spill the oil soap all over your bathroom floor like I did!) The Murphy's Oil Soap will help keep soap scum from building back up. It also helped remove some of the soap scum in spots that were tough to hit with the scrub brush.

It sounds like I love to clean with all the posts on cleaning lately...but I really don't!!

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