Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Re-Use Old Things

Here is a collection of ideas I think could be useful:

~Save aluminum foil. Balled up, you can use used aluminum foil to scrub glass baking dishes.
~Use old, clean pantyhose to hang onions, potatoes & garlic in pantry or root cellar. Tie knots in between each vegetable and just cut them off as needed.
~Fill an old sock with baking soda and put it with items stored in the basement (like clothes) to keep them from smelling musty.
~Compost! Put a large plastic bowl in your sink. Place egg shells, coffee grounds (filter, too), fruit/veggie peels, cores & pits in this. Empty it to your compost pit every other day. Good for the soil and also helps you run the garbage disposal less often saving water and electricity.
~Save the cereal box liners (the plastic bags). Dump out the crumbs, fold them up, and store them with your plastic bags. They work for crushing crackers for meatloaf or meatballs.
~Still have more aluminum foil saved? Use it to scrunch around a doorknob while you're painting to keep away the drips.
~Use those free return address labels you get in the mail to label books, tupperware, or other things you may lend. Stick them to your children. Just kidding.
~Trader Joe's (and other grocery stores) sell beer in some neat six-pack configurations. Re-use the six-pack package to put napkins & silverware in at a a picnic.

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