Monday, December 26, 2011

Freezer Paper Stenciling

Guys are so hard to craft and sew for! But I had the perfect idea this year. I made some pretty sweet shirts for my husband and one of our little guys for Christmas.

They have bikes on them. My husband loves to bike. I not only made the shirt for him using a raglan shirt pattern I drafted myself, but I hand cut the stencil for it from freezer paper.

(Hello, Silhouette??!? I’d love to be given one of your products to try. Or win one. Whatever works. But I don’t have $300 to buy one! Not even on Black Friday!)

I digress.

I cut the stencil using a bike picture I found online. I cut it with some guides from my dad’s shop to help go around the curves nicely. I used a utility knife (not shown) and cut on my self-healing mat I use with the rotary cutter.


After I got it all cut out, I found out I had to carefully place the pieces inside the wheels. So it was like putting a puzzle together. I then ironed all the pieces into place. IMG_3372

I applied fabric paint to the stencil. I didn’t actually use a brush. I used a scrap piece of fleece. It worked out fine.

Here’s my first draft of the stencil. I actually cut three of them. I had to test it out before I tried it on the shirt I’d made.IMG_3373

Here’s me doing it to the actual shirt. Same steps. Just more fear. IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3376

I spent a lot of hours on this shirt! I am so excited to give it to my hubby—sorry this post won’t be up before Christmas, but I can’t risk spoiling the aura of surprise!


  1. Sweet. I use freezer paper for EVERYTHING! I love cutting patterns from it - then I can stitch right along the freezer paper - I am terrible at sewing in a straight line! And yeah, I double your thoughts for Silhouette, it'd be sweet, but I use hand-me-downs for my projects. Ah well, when you have little kids, you don't mind giving THEM the "toys", right?!!

  2. What a great technique. Thanks for sharing!

  3. good job! Happy new year!

    I’m having a link party on my blog today if you want to come over and share this I’d be just tickled pink! Here’s the link if you’re interested! Happy New Year, Maria

  4. Could you please tell me what is freezer paper? We do have greaseproof or waxed paper, would either of these be suitable?

    1. Hi! I've been meaning to comment on this! Sorry it took so long. Do NOT use waxed paper! It will not work.

      Here is a post I did with a picture of freezer paper:

      Here is another post all about Freezer Paper from another gal's blog: (this blog is great, by the way!)


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