Thursday, December 22, 2011

“Window” Blanket

Before I start, I just want to warn that it is really tough to get a good picture of a large blanket.

I made a blanket for my 2-year old for Christmas. He needs a large blanket. He’s still in a crib, but soon will move to a toddler bed. We’re planning to wait until he starts climbing out of the crib. (He totally could climb out if he wanted to. He’s very tall! In fact, I've seen him climb into the crib before to retrieve his favorite stuffed animal.)

Anyway, I wanted to make one to match the fabric I used for his pillow shams and rocking chair. However, I didn’t want to buy more fabric. So I just used a little bit of the zoo print fabric and used other fabric that picked up the colors. I made the majority of the blanket out of some inexpensive fleece fabric I found in the remnant pile at Jo-Ann Fabric.

I decided to use the ‘special’ fabrics and sew them to the wrong side of the fleece. I made “windows” for the special fabrics to show through. Since fleece won’t fray, it was easier to have it be the raw edge rather than the other fabrics.


One of these fabrics is a towel. (I wanted to add some texture! Add this to the list of uses for an old towel!)IMG_3144 IMG_3146This is most definitely NOT my favorite project! It did not turn out to be as cute and perfect as I’d imagined.

However, I think my little guy will like it. It is soft and warm. And BIG. Hopefully it will help him keep the covers on this winter.

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  1. I love the idea!! And the blanket!!! I found your site thru my mom who has been looking up easy sewing patterns.

    Hope you have a Wonderful New Year :)!!



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