Monday, December 5, 2011

Repurposed Christmas Stocking Tutorial

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I really want a serger. However, I don’t really have the extra money in my budget to buy one. So, when Prudent Baby says they’re having a Christmas stocking contest and the prize is a new serger, I say, “I’ll make a stocking!” The only requirement is that it be made of jersey material.


So, being the frugal crafter that I am, I dug into my supply of old t-shirts and found part of a red maternity shirt and some leftover dark green pieces. This is what came out. (Not the stuffed dog. He’s just always lying around, so I used him to give the stocking some personality. I can’t teach you how to make him. Yet.)

Anyway, I don’t really need another Christmas stocking for my family, I actually just finished one for our new little guy which I’ll show you all soon. I’m also going to finish one up for my hubby. I’ll show you it soon, too! But the point is that I plan to decorate this one somehow for the contest. I don’t expect to win with a plain stocking.

But to start the basic striped jersey stocking, I cut four strips of each fabric. I didn’t make them the same width or length. I sewed them all together and then pressed them flat.


I then took a cardboard pattern and traced it onto the wrong side of the sewn together jersey strips.IMG_3281

Cut it out.


Now, when I titled this ‘repurposed’, I meant completely repurposed.

I then took a pair of khaki pants that were in my repurposing box and cut the back and lining from them. (You’ll need three additional stocking pieces for a total of four, including the front.)


Next, I debated my embellishment options. If you want to sew something onto the front, like extra stripes, you’ll want to do this now. These are the options I considered but eventually vetoed:IMG_3293

I voted down the ruffles because I live in a house full of boys and I already have a nifty stocking my great Aunt made me.

IMG_3294 IMG_3295

Then we had this idea. But “ransom note style” doesn’t really scream “MERRY CHRISTMAS!” to me. So I passed on that idea.


Anyway, the point of all that was to show why I didn’t decorate the front yet. But I wanted to show anyone out there that you totally could decorate it if you wish.

Next, sew the striped front to the back of the stocking, right sides together. Sew the lining pieces with right sides together, too. You need to leave an unsewn space for turning (unlike I did). See below.


Next, you’ll want to decide what to use as a loop to hang the stocking. I used a ribbon scrap. You could make a fabric loop. I folded mine like this:


I next pinned the loop to the right side of the heel edge of the stocking. On the top. Line up the raw edge of the ribbon with the raw upper edge of the stocking. Understand? Go ahead and sew it into place.

To sew everything together, you’ll turn both the lining and the outer part of the stocking wrong sides out. Aligning them as shown in the picture below, pin the edges with right sides together, being sure to line up the side seams.


Sew around the top of the stocking. Your stitches will be on the inside. You will turn the whole thing through the unsewn edge left in the lining. After you turn it, make sure all your curved seams are nice and flat. Then sew up the opening in the lining. Press the whole thing. You could also top stitch around the top of the stocking. I didn’t.



I kind of doubt I’ll win the serger, but it was worth a try! It didn’t cost me any money since I used completely repurposed fabric.

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