Thursday, December 15, 2011

Toddler Wall Art

I showed you these a few months ago. I really loved them, but the frames I used didn’t like the spray paint too much. Some of them bubbled and then peeled. I was quite sad.

Then, my dad, being the fabulous Grampa and avid woodworker that he is, said he wanted to make some frames for my little guy’s room. This led to me completely re-doing the pictures. Here’s what transpired:IMG_3272

Love, love, love these frames. IMG_3273

I painted the backgrounds using foam board from the dollar store and cheapo acrylic paint from the craft store. I re-used all the animals except for the rhino. The jersey fabric I’d originally used wasn’t sticking well and so I ended up using some scrapbook paper. IMG_3274

I love them. And as my husband points out, the time, energy and thought I put into room decor for our two boys is completely for me, not them.

So thanks, Dad. I love the frames you made for both of their walls.

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