Monday, December 12, 2011

Braided Jersey Bracelets


I was inspired to make these bracelets after seeing this tutorial online. However, I did mine using an easier method. I just took a bunch of t-shirt strips, cut them to relatively the same length, and braided them all together. IMG_3300

I think I started with about 9 strips, sewed them together at one end, grouped them into three groups of three, braided them, and sewed them together at the other end. To join the ends together, sewed the unbraided ends. To cover the stitches, I took a smaller strip of jersey, turned the ends under, and hand-sewed to close it all together.


It was a super-quick project. I’ve found I actually wear them often right now. Since I’m still nursing my 4.5 month-old, I don’t wear jewelry because I don’t want to scratch him. These are so soft that they don’t bother him at all.


Finally, a solution other than going jewelry-less for a year (like I did with my older son!)

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