Friday, June 15, 2012

Painting Furniture

I have noticed I have lots of new readers! I’m so glad you are here.
You may have noticed that I like to sew. 
I wanted to point out some projects I have done in the past which are not fabric related.

1. Taking apart a radiator cover and turning it into a wall unit to organize lots of sewing supplies.
organizing craft supplies

2. More recently, I took an old drawer and turned it into a shelf for craft storage.
organizing craft supplies old drawer

3. Painting/Glazing a shelf for our boys’ bathroom.
4. This bookshelf is probably my favorite project I have painted. I love using a contrasting color for the shelves.
jan 5 (1)
There are some amazingly hard-working furniture painters out there. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to projects I see and love.
My husband and I has been working on a project for our home involving paint and old wood. It involved sanding lead-based paint. Ugh.

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