Thursday, June 14, 2012

Staying Organized: Pantry

Just a quick little idea for you organizing fanatics out there.

Do you have a bunch of plastic magazine holders? Someone gave me about eight of them and I wasn’t sure what to do with them at first. Then I decided to turn them onto their sides to create mini shelves in my pantry. This allows me to have a place to store recipes torn from magazines, coupons, and other random collections.
organizing the pantry

Also, I turned some onto their sides to store tubes of tin foil, saran wrap, and other kitchen items that come on a roll. They also contain stuff like bubble wrap or plastic bags I want to re-use.
repurposing magazine racks for storage


  1. Super smart! I don't have any extra magazine holders, but I bet an empty cereal box would work too! Thanks so much for linking this tip up to The Fun In Functional!

  2. Great idea! I'm always looking for new organization ideas, thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Great idea...I have some of these buggars laying around! Love your header by the way...too fun! Thanks for linking to the Bloggy Olympics!


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