Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Organizing with Crates

I love wood crates. I’ve pinned lots of ideas for using them. I just finished two for my home.
Wood Crates

Wood Crate

reclaimed wood crate

This first one is the “Mess Containment Station” which holds bibs and cloth wipes to clean up my boys after meals.
Wood Crate with State
I bought the crate at the craft store and stained and stenciled it myself. I learned a lot about wood stain in the short amount of time it took to stain the thing. Also, don’t use freezer paper on wood. It leaves residue that I’m still trying to get off. Wood Crate with State
This crate was saved from the burning pile. I sanded the letters most of the way off and then stained it. Rescued Wood Crate

I don’t love the way dozens of varied books’ spines and colors look. I think storing some of them in a crate helps it look more controlled and less disordered. Upcycled Wood Crate
Have you ever rescued a wood crate?


  1. I wish I could find a wooden crate to rescue! There's often some good stuff in our alley but I've never seen a crate. They're so useful for organizing, and I love what you did with them. Thanks so much for linking this up to The Fun In Functional!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I've seen some fabulous antique wood crates but always passed on those b/c they were usually too expensive.

  2. I love wood crates for organizing. I tend to use wine crates for shelves in my office :)

  3. I totally have a rescued crate. One of the beams is covered in white duct tape....but I just always make that be the back side. Maybe I should fix it and give it a lift!
    By the way, you're going to be on tonight!


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