Friday, June 1, 2012

Refashion a Too-Large Shirt with Shirring

I have way too many black shirts. Some of them fit better than others. Some of them are too big. Here is one example:shirring to improve the fit of a too-large shirt
So I just took some elastic thread and did a few rows of shirring.shirring to improve fit
It looks a lot better under a shrug. shirring to improve the fit of a too-large shirt with a shrugIMG_5657  IMG_5643 
Shirring is really easy. I shared some troubleshooting tips a few days ago. You should read them if you are having trouble..


  1. Really cute! I wish I knew how to do that.

    1. There are tons of tutorials out there. I have a Troubleshooting Tutorial here:

      Try this tutorial to get started:

      Maybe you won't need the troubleshooting help!

  2. Cute and great idea! I have some shirts I bought right after I gave birth that are too big now. Great way to make them work!

  3. Wow! Great project! Link it up with me on my Wow Us Wednesday, ok? Over at


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