Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tunic Refashion

I have a great interest in learning to alter clothing. Refashioning clothing I've obtained for free or at a low cost is a great way to learn.

Someone gave me this lovely green tunic. I love the color, but as you can see in the before picture, it was enormous. You could see through one armhole and out the other. 
tunic before and after
I took the easy way out on this refashion. I started sewing up the sides at each armhole. The fluttery sleeves ended at a point that was the perfect place to start sewing.
I did a “trial-and-error” method at first, just machine-basting up the sides. I wasn't sure exactly where to put the seam; I wasn't sure where it should curve in and then back out. You can see below roughly where I sewed.

Then, when I got one side to the point I liked, I sewed it, cut the fabric, and then zig-zagged the raw edges. (I don’t have a serger.)

To do the other side, I folded the shirt in half and used the first seam as a guide for cutting. That way, I could use the first side as a pattern and both sides would match.

Here’s the finished product. If I had a serger and wanted to spend some time doing it ‘right’, I would have taken out the sleeves and taken the whole shirt in at the shoulders. Then I would have re-attached the sleeves and taken in the sides.

It looks good with a belt. I need to get a pair of skinny black pants to wear it with. Maybe I could find a pair to alter!


  1. I love the colour of this top, no wonder you wanted to re-work it rather than cut it up! It's gorgeous! x

  2. Cute refashion! You need to try skinny pants next! They are my favorite thing to refashion :)

  3. That color is so pretty! Makes sense to learn how to refashion on cheap or free clothes. Sounds like a good plan to me!

  4. Great job! It looks great with the belt.
    Just hopped over from I Heart Nap Time :)

  5. Super cute! that's one of my favorite tricks! :) thanks for linking up to I spy{re}fashion!


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