Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Zulily, Anyone?

I have never ordered from Zulily. I've Pinned a few items (mostly shoes) that I've liked. Until today. They got me when they emailed and said they had Keen items. I love Keen boots and shoes. So does my husband.

So. If you join, you'll get daily deal emails. Use my link:

Here are a few Keen brand items they have today that I love.

I love this bag. It is yellow and gray. Enough reason for me to love it.

I actually own these shoes in another color combo. They are great. 
I broke down and bought these boots today. I couldn't pass up 50% off.

A friend has these shoes and I love them every time she wears them!
Oh...and they have kids' things. I have no girls at my house, but if I did, I totally would have gotten her these red shoes.

I did buy my 18 month old these shoes. He truly needed a new pair. They don't come in extra wide, so I hope they fit him. I realized that AFTER I ordered them. (Both my boys have had FAT FEET!) Even though I wear narrow shoes as does my husband. Weird.

And these are just so cute. But no little girls in this home to wear them.

So if you want to see cute things and some fun brands like Keen, you should sign up for Zulily.  And no, they are not a sponsor of Monkey See, Monkey Do. I just really like Keen shoes & boots and I'm really excited to have gotten a good deal from Zulily.


  1. I love Zulily, too. I've ordered shoes and Melissa and Doug wooden food for my granddaughter. Love the deals.


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