Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Knit Argyle Shirt

Continuing with working through my refashioning pile (see Monday’s post for info on that--items needing an update are falling out of my linen closet on me), I took a stained green shirt and added some embellishment that is boy-worthy.

I’ve seen a few DIY argyle clothing items for boys. This one (from Melly Sews) and this one (from Ashley at Make it and Love It) were specifics that came to mind when I sewed this quick project onto a hand-me-down green shirt that was the victim of some staining.

But nothing a few diamonds couldn’t cover.

I didn't bother to use a pattern for the diamonds so they turned out looking more like kites. Also, the first set of stitches didn't result in an argyle pattern. I should have reviewed my inspiration pieces and noted that argyle lines go the whole way through the center of the diamonds. Oh well.

I still like it. And my three-year-old, who was the original owner of the shirt, also likes it. I might have to make one for him b/c he is a bit jealous his younger brother will be wearing this green one.

The original shirt. With stains.

I cut nine diamonds (or kite shapes) and placed them on the shirt, making sure my placement covered the stains.

I carefully pinned them on.

Then I stitched around each diamond twice.

I did a chevron pattern at first.

Then I realized that it wasn't exactly argyle. Nor was it perfectly even. (How would you mark fabric to do this more evenly?)

Then I went back and sewed more lines that actually cross!

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  1. What a simple but effective way of recycling a top!

  2. Clever way to extend the life of a shirt!

  3. Very nice! I like the colors you chose a lot. Another great upcycling project! Thanks for sharing at Hookin On Hump Day!


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